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Execution Live Monitor

The live monitor displays all executions which are currently running or ended.

Use Cases

Use the live monitor to

  • Monitor the progress of your automations.
  • See the status of executions.
  • Find specific executions.


The execution live monitor can be opened by pressing the lightning bolt icon in the top-bar of the Cloudomation user interface:

The execution live monitor button

The table shows all your executions, the most recently created execution is on top of the list.


The execution live monitor will update automatically. When new executions are created or running executions change status, the screen will update to show the changes.


You can apply filters to limit the executions which are displayed.

When set, only executions whose name contains the given string will be shown.

Project filter

When set, only executions associated with any of the checked projects will be shown.

Status filter

When set, only executions in any of the checked status will be shown.

Time range

When set, only executions which were created within the time range specified by "After" and "Before" will be shown.

Show archived

When set, also executions which are archived will be shown.