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    Signing up

    To sign up for the Cloudomation platform, navigate to the ** Sign Up button in the right hand menu. You will be directed to the sign up form. To create your Cloudomation account, you need to fill in the following details:

    Workspace Name

    The workspace name can be any name that you choose. It is the top level name of your Cloudomation account. There can be several users under the same workspace name in Cloudomation. Users within the same workspace share resources: they share the productive connections quota of your workspace, and they can see and edit each other’s flow scripts, settings, and executions.

    In a professional setting, the workspace name would be your company’s, association’s, school’s or organisation’s name. Note that there is no requirement from Cloudomation’s side that the workspace name must be real or representative of your organisation – you can choose any name you like. You and all other users in your workspace will need the workspace name to sign in.

    It is not possible to change the workspace name after signing up.

    User Name

    The user name can be any name you choose. This is the name associated with your particular user. The user created at the time of sign-up will automatically be assigned the role of a workspace administrator for the workspace, created during the setup process. As such, this user will be able to create additional users for the workspace afterwards. Review the user roles to learn more about the different user roles available on the Cloudomation platform.

    The user name does not have to be a real name, or be representative of you or your real name, you can choose any user name you like.

    You will need your user name to log in. The user name will be used to log your activities within the Cloudomation platform (for you, we cannot see these logs). For example: when you start a flow script, the resulting execution will list your user name as the user who started the execution.

    You can change the user name after you sign up.

    Email Address

    The email address you provide will be the email address on record for contacting you about your Cloudomation account. The email address you provide at sign up will be the email address associated with the workspace. It will be used for communication about all matters related to the Cloudomation workspace, and not just your user. You can change the email address after signing up.

    Once you complete the sign up form and press “Sign up”, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

    Activate your account with this confirmation email, otherwise you are not able to complete the sign up process.


    Choose any password. You can change the password after the sign up at any time.

    Password Again

    Repeat the password.

    Log In and Sign Up

    Once you have completed the sign up process, you can log in to the Cloudomation platform. If you choose the “remember me” option at login, a login cookie will be set for your account. It will automatically log you in whenever you visit the Cloudomation page with the same browser. The login cookie is valid for 90 days.

    If you change your password, it can happen that the cookie becomes invalid. Log out and log back in again to resolve any issues.

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