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    Connection analysis

    You want to know more about the remote "system" behind your Connection? You like to have the information available up-to-date, especially when something changes?

    From within Cloudomation you can analyse the target system behind a Connection. For example, get information about all tables of a database to which you connect or system information for a device to which you connect via SSH.

    Why is it useful?

    • You are missing documentation about a remote system?
    • You need system information for multiple systems in one place?
    • You need a "live" update whenever specifications change, so you can react quickly?
    • You want to monitor an API proactively and run an analysis regularly?

    Use our Connection analysis and adapt it to your needs!

    How does it work?

    You must have configured a Connection to connect to a third party target system. When you want to retrieve information about that target system, you run the Analysis feature on that Connector.

    The Analysis feature is implemented as a Plugin. It can be extended and customised by you as needed.

    Ultimately, starting an Analysis executes a flow script! The script contains instructions to connect to a remote system using a specified Connector and then gather information about the remote system. Therefore, an analysis can be customised for your needs. Cloudomation comes with a few Analysis scripts for different Task Types, which you can use as templates. You can either adjust the existing scripts to fit your needs, or write completely new analysis flow scripts. By writing your own analysis flow scripts, you can add support for different Task types and gather information about any remote system you want to analyse.

    The Analyse button provided by Cloudomation is linked to flow scripts matching the pattern analysis.<Task Type>, for example: analysis.ssh. <Task Type> must match any of the defined types found in Tasks. If you write a flow with a name following this pattern, it will automatically be added to the analysis button of all connectors of that type. Currently, it is only possible to define one analysis script for each connector type. If you want to add more analysis scripts, read up on the Plugin feature on how to extend the plugin to support several actions for one resource.

    An analysis can also be scheduled, just like any other flow script, to regularly gather up-to-date information. Learn more about Scheduling flows at Scheduling.

    Starting an analysis

    The Connector must contain all information that is required for a successful connection to the target system.

    Open a Connector and click the "Analyse" button.

    analyse button

    The analysis button

    Analysis results

    At the bottom of a connection is a field containing the results and the time of the last analysis. The results are formated as yaml.

    analyse results

    Results field and time of last analysis at the bottom of a connection

    If there is no analysis scripts for a connector tye then you will find a message in the results field: "No analysis flow for this connector type found"

    Currently supported connection types and retrieved information

    • SSH: Operating system, Devices
    • PostgreSQL: Server version, tables and columns
    • REST: Server information, endpoints and schemata
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