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class resources.execution.Execution

Base class: Activity

An automation (flow, script, or connection) which is or was running.

See the corresponding Flow Api class at Execution

connector_idThe ID of the connector record the execution is using.UUID()both
connector_nameThe name of the connector. Only used for type CONNECTIONString(length=128)neither
connector_typeThe type of the connector / the type of the remote system.Enum('AWS', 'GIT', 'GOOGLE', 'IMAP', 'K8S', 'LDAP', 'PS', 'REDIS', 'REST', 'SCP', 'SMB', 'SMTP', 'SOAP', 'SQLMSSQL', 'SQLORACLE', 'SQLPG', 'SSH', 'VAULT', 'XMLRPC', name='connectortype')both
dependency_idThe ID of the dependency record the execution is currently waiting for.UUID()neither
ended_atThe timestamp when the execution ended.DateTime(timezone=True)both
flow_idThe ID of the flow record the execution is processing.UUID()both
flow_nameThe name of the flow. Only used for type FLOWString(length=128)neither
input_valueThe data which was passed to the execution.JSONB(astext_type=Text())both
is_pausedA flag to control if the execution should be processed.Boolean()both
is_productiveA flag to control if the execution runs in productive mode.Boolean()both
is_remote_processedA flag to control if the execution is processed in a remote workspace.Boolean()both
messageA status message.Text()both
message_idThe ID of the message record the execution is currently awaiting a response from.UUID()neither
metadataAdditional data which can be stored in the execution.JSONB(astext_type=Text())both
output_valueThe data returned by the executionJSONB(astext_type=Text())both
parent_execution_idThe ID of the execution which created this execution.UUID()both
protect_inputsA list of input_value keys which should not be displayed in the user-interface.JSONB(astext_type=Text())both
protect_outputsA list of output_value keys which should not be displayed in the user-interface.JSONB(astext_type=Text())both
runtimeThe duration the execution is running.Interval()both
schedule_idThe associated schedule for this executionUUID()both
schedule_nameThe name of the schedule. Only used for type SCHEDULEString(length=128)neither
scheduled_forThe timestamp when the execution will continue. This field is also used for timeouts.DateTime(timezone=True)both
scriptThe script the execution is processing.Text()both
setting_idThe ID of the setting record the execution is currently trying to acquire a lock from.UUID()neither
started_atThe timestamp when the execution started.DateTime(timezone=True)both
statusThe status of the execution. Output only.Enum('WAITING_DEPENDENCY', 'WAITING_LOCK', 'WAITING_ENGINE', 'WAITING_RESPONSE', 'AT_ENGINE', 'ENDED_SUCCESS', 'ENDED_ERROR', 'ENDED_CANCELLED', 'PAUSED', 'SCHEDULED', 'LOST', name='executionstatus')both
sync_config_idThe ID of the workspace sync_config the execution is associated with.UUID()both
typeThe type of the execution.Enum('FLOW', 'SCRIPT', 'CONNECTION', 'SCHEDULE', 'WRAPPER', name='executiontype')both
unwrappedIf set, wrappers which are registered on the flow are not usedBoolean()neither
wrapper_idThe ID of the wrapper record the execution is processing.UUID()both
wrapper_nameThe name of the wrapper. Only used for type WRAPPERString(length=128)neither