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class resources.git_config.GitConfig

Base class: Resource

Configuration of a git repository which is used to synchronize content (records) to Cloudomation.

See the corresponding Flow Api class at GitConfig

branch_nameThe name of the branch to checkout.String(length=128)both
is_enabledFlag to control if the configuration should be used.Boolean()both
last_sync_atThe timestamp of the last successfu─║ sync. Output only.DateTime(timezone=True)neither
passwordThe password used to authenticate.String(length=128)import only
path_mappingA mapping of record types to globs. All files in the repo matching a glob will be loaded to the specified record type.JSONB(astext_type=Text())both
priorityIf several git_config records are enabled, they will be applied in descending priority. If there are conflicting files in several git_configs the one with the lowest priority number will be used.Integer()both
remote_urlThe URL of the git repository. Special characters must be %-encoded!String(length=1024)both
ssh_hostkeyThe SSH hostkey to verify the remote host. Content formatted as [host][type] [key] - or [type][key], a [comment] may be present after the [key].String(length=2048)both
ssh_keyThe SSH private-key to authenticate. Currently only works with non-password protected keyfiles and in PEM formatString(length=4096)import only
status_messageContains error messages if the synchronization failed. Output only.String(length=1024)export only
usernameThe username used to authenticate.String(length=128)both