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class resources.sync_config.SyncConfig

Base class: Resource

The configuration for synchronizing workspaces in Cloudomation.

See the corresponding Flow Api class at SyncConfig

cacertThe CA certificate of the remote workspace. Only needed when using self-signed HTTPS certificates.String(length=40960)both
is_enabledA flag to control if the sync_config can be used.Boolean()both
last_sync_receive_atThe timestamp, when the last execution was received from the remote workspace.DateTime(timezone=True)export only
last_sync_send_atThe timestamp, when the last execution was synced to the remote workspace.DateTime(timezone=True)export only
own_private_keyA RSA private key used to sign outgoing messages.String(length=4096)import only
remote_public_keyA RSA public key used to verify incoming messages.String(length=2048)both
remote_urlThe URL of the remote workspace to connect to. If unset the workspace will listen for incoming connections.String(length=1024)both
send_allA flag to control if all executions running in this workspace should be synced to the remote workspace. If unset, only executions which were started by or for the remote workspace are synced.Boolean()both
status_messageA message about the current connection status.String(length=1024)export only
sync_intervalAn interval in seconds in which executions are synced. If unset, executions are synced as soon as a change occurs.Integer()both
verify_sslA flag to control if SSL certificates should be verified.Boolean()both