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Workspace Configuration Options

Deleted records

KeyTypeDescriptionDefault value
DELETED_ACTIVITY_EXPIRY_ENABLEDboolMove ended executions to the trash bin after a timeout.true
DELETED_ACTIVITY_EXPIRY_TIME_MINUTESintThe number of minutes before an ended execution will be moved to the trash bin.20160
DELETED_RETENTION_TIME_ACTIVITIES_ENABLEDboolPermanently delete activities from the trash bin after a timeout.true
DELETED_RETENTION_TIME_ACTIVITIES_MINUTESintThe number of minutes before activities are permanently deleted from the tash bin.20160
DELETED_RETENTION_TIME_RESOURCES_ENABLEDboolPermanently delete resources from the trash bin after a timeout.true
DELETED_RETENTION_TIME_RESOURCES_MINUTESintThe number of minutes before resources are permanently deleted from the tash bin.20160

Email integration

KeyTypeDescriptionDefault value
SMTP_FROMstrThe email address used in the "from" field of outgoing messages.Cloudomation <>
SMTP_HOSTstrThe host to use to send emails.``
SMTP_PASSWORDstrThe password to authenticate against the SMTP host.``
SMTP_PORTintThe port to connect to at SMTP_HOST.25
SMTP_USERstrThe username to authenticate against the SMTP host.``
SMTP_USE_STARTTLSboolIf to use the STARTTLS command to upgrade an unencrypted SMTP connection.false
SMTP_USE_TLSboolIf to use transport-layer-security (TLS) to connect to the SMTP host.false

Git integration

KeyTypeDescriptionDefault value
GIT_SYNC_REFRESH_INTERVAL_MINUTESintThe number of minutes to wait between pulling changes from git.10

User Interface

KeyTypeDescriptionDefault value
MAX_OPEN_RECORDS_PER_PROJECTintThe maximum number of records a user can have opened in each project. When this number is exceeded, the oldest opened record will be closed.7


KeyTypeDescriptionDefault value
DB_KEEPALIVE_INTERVAL_SECONDSintThe number of seconds to wait between checking database connectivity.60
DB_KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT_SECONDSintThe number of seconds after which a workspace process is considered "dead".60
DELETED_ACTIVITY_EXPIRY_BATCH_SIZEintHow many expired activities to move to the trash bin at once.100
DELETED_ACTIVITY_EXPIRY_INTERVAL_MINUTESintThe number of minutes to wait between checks for ended executions.5
DELETED_RETENTION_TIME_BATCH_SIZEintHow many records to permanently delete from the trash bin at once.100
DELETED_RETENTION_TIME_INTERVAL_MINUTESintThe number of minutes to wait between checks for permanently deleting records from the tash bin.100
GRAPHQL_QUERY_COMPLEXITY_LIMITintThe maximum "cost" of a single graphql query. TODO: document how cost is calculated...2000
LOGGING_CURRENT_LEVELSstrA comma-separated list of logger names, followed by a colon and a log-level.
Possible log-levels are:
* NOTSET: inherit the log level from the parent logger

possible logger names include: (defaults are NOTSET unless specified otherwise)
* <empty string>: the root logger. other loggers will inherit the flag from the root logger unless configured otherwise
* sqlalchemy: all sqlalchemy logging. default level: WARN
* sqlalchemy.engine: database queries
* sqlalchemy.pool: database pool operations
* aiohttprest: API
* common: common methods
* connector_types: Cloudomation connectors
* connector_types.<connector_type>: a specific connector
* resources: Cloudomation resources
* resources.<resource name>: a specific resource
* sarest: database layer
* workspace: workspace processes
* workspace.engine: the execution engine
LOGGING_FORMATstrOne of "text" or "json". Setting LOGGING_FORMAT to "json" will produce machine-readable log lines.text
LOGGING_LEVELS_RESET_MINUTESintThe number of minutes after which the configuration LOGGING_CURRENT_LEVELS is reset to the default value once it was changed.10