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Accessing Logs

Working with logs is an essential part of developing. DevStack provides you with multiple ways of accessing logs on your Cloud Development Environment (CDE) and allows you to use familiar tools for working with them.

Via the Self Service Portal

The self service portal has a dedicated view where you can access logs from predefined paths. This is great for quick and easy log inspection.

Your DevStack administrator can configure the available log paths of the self service portal.

Via Synchronised Directory

DevStack lets you set up multiple synchronised directories in any direction (CDE -> local or local -> CDE).

Your DevStack administrator can set up synchronisation of log directories from your CDE to a local directory. In that way you can access logs directly on your local machine.

When accessing logs through a synchronised folder you can use your favourite logs tool just as you would without using an CDE.


If you need direct access to logfiles on the CDE, you can make use of DevStack's ability to establish a direct connection to the CDE through SSH.

This way you can navigate to and work with logs as you would with any CLI.

When accessing logs through SSH, you either use SSH capable tools locally or CLI tools in the CDE. Your DevStack administrator can ensure that the needed CLI tools are available on the CDE.

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