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DevStack CLI

The DevStack CLI is an easy-to-use tool that takes care of establishing an SSH connection with port-forwarding between your local machine and a Cloud Development Environment (CDE). Depending on the method of source code synchronisation, it also handles file syncing.

Get Started

DevStack CLI is available on PyPI (


The following binaries must be installed to be able to install and use DevStack CLI:

  • ssh
  • ssh-keyscan
  • rsync
  • git
  • pipx

On Debian/Ubuntu the packages can be installed with

sudo apt install openssh-client rsync git pipx


You can install DevStack CLI globally with pipx

pipx install devstack-cli

The installation is done when you see this:

  installed package devstack-cli 9.0.0, Python 3.8.10
These binaries are now globally available
- devstack-cli
done! ✨ 🌟 ✨

Finally, let's make sure that the PATH variable is updated:

pipx ensurepath


The command to start devstack-cli has the following format:


You can find the command specific to your CDE in the self service portal, where your CDE is listed.

Once started, DevStack CLI does the following:

  • establishes an SSH connection to your CDE,
  • takes care of the port forwarding,
  • sets up the local folder (depending on the method of source code synchronisation)
  • continuously syncs the deltas (depending on the method of source code synchronisation)


-H or --hostnameHOSTNAME. The IP or hostname of the CDE.Yes
-s or --source-directorySOURCE_DIRECTORY. A local directory where the sources from the CDE are cached.Yes
-o or --output-directoryOUTPUT_DIRECTORY. A local directory where artifacts created on the CDE are stored.No
-v or --verboseEnable debug logging.No
-V or --versionShow program's version number and exit.No