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Version: 6 - Palatschinke

Email Integration

Cloudomation can send and receive emails.

Use Cases

With the email integration you can:

  • Send notifications about the status of an automated process.
  • Start an execution for each incoming email.
  • Add email approval steps to your automation processes.


Receiving Emails

Cloudomation can receive emails from any IMAP server using the IMAP connector. See also the Connector Type IMAP documentation.


Cloudomation currently only supports polling the IMAP server for messages. Push notifications are not currently implemented.

Sending Emails

There are two ways to send emails:

  • Through any SMTP server using the SMTP connector. This method allows to send to any email address. See Connector Type IMAP.

  • Through the SMTP integration. Using this method is simpler, but emails can only be sent to the email addresses of existing Cloudomation user accounts in your workspace. See send_mail().

    :::tip example To send an email to yourself:

    import flow_api
    def handler(system: flow_api.System, this: flow_api.Execution):
    'This is a test email to me',
    html='<h1>Heading</h1><p>This is a paragraph</p>'
    return this.success('email sent')


    The send_mail method sends emails from to the email address of the user. On premise installations need to configure an SMTP server to use this feature. If none is configured cloudomation falls back to writing a file with the email contents in the directory declared by the environment variable "NOTIFICATION_PATH". The message will be displayed in the logs in case this is also unconfigured.

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