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Version: 9 - Germknödel

DevStack Bundle

The DevStack bundle is a bundle in Cloudomation Engine that provides the content necessary to use Cloudomation DevStack.


In contrast to other bundles, it is not available via the bundle manager but will be delivered to you with the purchase of a DevStack licence.

You can see our pricing options for DevStack on our website.


Engine acts as the backend for DevStack. The DevStack bundle helps DevOps/DevStack administrators to configure templates for cloud development environments (CDEs). Engine stores the information about the templates and the CDEs. The DevStack Self Service Portal provides an interface for developers to use the templates and interact with the CDEs.

The idea is, that all the complexity of configuration, access management, etc. takes place within Engine, while the Self Service Portal hides complexity and enables developers to easily create, access, and work with CDEs without having to worry about the underlying mechanics.


At the core of the DevStack bundle are two object templates, that together facilitate the definition and creation of templates and CDEs.

One is for defining CDE types (for general information like software to install on the virtual machine), the other for defining an CDE (for specific information like maximum uptime).


The logical separation of CDE types and CDEs gives DevStack administrator full flexibility in defining CDE types for different use-cases, while also enabling re-usability.

The DevStack bundle also comes with flows for the hooks for object templates. These automate lifecycle events of the object templates. For example, when a DevStack administrator creates a new CDE type, a hook automatically schedules its create-snapshot flow to run periodically.