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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel

LDAP integration

If your organisation uses a directory server (such as Active Directory), you can use Engine's LDAP integration to access it (e.g. for user authentication).



To authenticate using LDAP, you need to create an LDAP config (click on '+ Create' -> 'More' -> 'LDAP config'), and configure it to the specifics of your directory server.

Here is an example configuration


Once there is an active LDAP configuration in your workspace, the Engine login page offers LDAP as a user authentication method. User who are under the base DN on the directory server and match the user filter can log into Engine using their username and password.

You can choose LDAP from the dropdown


When a user logs in the first time via the LDAP integration, an Engine user is implicitly created using the attributes username_attribute and mail_attribute.

The newly created user inherits all roles of the LDAP config that are flagged inherit=True. Set the roles of the LDAP config accordingly. See more in RBAC.

Calling an LDAP service

To call an LDAP service and retrieve information from it, use the LDAP connector.

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