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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel


Cloudomation Engine resources can be marked as read-only to prevent accidental changes.


Individual resources and projects can be marked read-only. A read-only project prevents changes to all resources within that project.

possible combinations of read-only flags on project and resource


The read-only flag is used to prevent accidental changes to a resource. It does not prevent a user who has update permission on the resource from removing the read-only flag and making changes. Please refer to Role Based Access Control on how to configure permissions to prevent any changes to a record type or project.


Projects which are part of a bundle are always implicitly read-only.

Using the read-only flag

To toggle the read-only flag on a resource open the resource and press the lock icon.

The lock icon when not set

When a resource is marked read-only it will additionally display a badge.

The lock badge and icon when set

When a resource is in a project which is marked read-only it will display a different badge. Also, the read-only flag of the resource cannot be modified.

The lock badge and icon when set on the project


Read-only resources can be used normally unless an action would try to modify the resource itself. For example, it is possible to run a read-only flow and it is possible to duplicate or export a read-only file.

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