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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel


Bundles can be used to load functionality into your Engine workspace. We provide several bundles for commonly used functionality.


You can open a bundle by selecting it through the sidebar:

The sidebar. Note that bundles are separated from projects.

The bundle dashboard displays all resources (flows, wrappers etc.) in the bundle and shows the version and repository of the bundle. Since bundles are read only by nature you cannot modify this information.

Contrary to the project dashboard and workspace dashboard, there are no executions displayed on the bundle dashboard. This is because executions are not created in bundles but in projects.

The bundle dashboard

Bundle repository

Every Engine workspace has a bundle repository resource. It enables communication between your workspace and a central repository where Engine bundles are stored. There is no need for you to edit the default bundle repository.

The bundle repository

Managing bundles

For information on how to manage bundles, refer to the Bundle Manager.

List of bundles

A list of available bundles and their documentation can be found at Bundle List