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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel

Bundle list

Bundles can be used to load functionality into your Cloudomation workspace. We provide several bundles for commonly used functionality.

Please also refer to Bundles.

List of bundles

Connection Analysis #x26; Test bundle

Cloudomation contains functionality to gather information about remote systems and run common procedures on them.

Additionally, it contains functionality to test connections to external systems.

Release Notes:

2023-08-29 fix linter errors

2023-05-24 initial release

Default roles

This project contains some default roles for different identities and usecases.

Provided roles:

  • User: A role which allows basic access to the UI.
  • Developer
  • Operator
  • Admin
  • Webhook
  • Schedule
  • Git Sync
  • Sync Config

Release Notes:

2023-10-03 adjust rights of developer role

2023-02-15 initial release

Scheduling bundle

This bundle provides flexible and powerful means of repeatedly running a flow.

Release Notes:

2023-11-02 rename scheduling actions

2023-10-20 reformat description fields

2023-09-26 default holidays_country_code to nothing

2023-08-30 change fail_on_max_delay_exceeded behavior

2023-08-29.2 fix linter errors

2023-08-29 add parameters max_delay_minutes and fail_on_max_delay_exceeded

2023-07-25 fix displaying next runs when max_iterations is set

2023-07-14 fix creating schedules for flows in bundles

2023-05-25.2 initial release

Wrapper bundle

Wrappers encapsulate executable resources. Executing a wrapped resource will instead run the wrapper, which can coordinate the execution of the wrapped resource.

Release Notes:

2023-11-13 fix validate wrapper error when used without inputs

2023-08-29 fix linter errors

2023-08-03 consider only activity of notify_users in interactive wrapper

2023-07-04 fix "NoneType" is not a mapping

2023-06-15 add label to check wrapper inputs

2023-05-11.2 initial release