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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel

Scheduling bundle

This bundle provides flexible and powerful means of repeatedly running a flow.

Release Notes:

2023-11-02 rename scheduling actions

2023-10-20 reformat description fields

2023-09-26 default holidays_country_code to nothing

2023-08-30 change fail_on_max_delay_exceeded behavior

2023-08-29.2 fix linter errors

2023-08-29 add parameters max_delay_minutes and fail_on_max_delay_exceeded

2023-07-25 fix displaying next runs when max_iterations is set

2023-07-14 fix creating schedules for flows in bundles

2023-05-25.2 initial release


Download the bundle using the Bundle Manager.

Included resources


Provides functionality to schedule flows


Helper to query parameters for a custom schedule


  • id: the ID of a flow to be scheduled or the schedule to be changed


Scheduler to run a flow at custom times


  • setting_id: the ID of a setting containing the configuration of the schedule
  • flow_id: the ID of a flow which is scheduled
  • schedule_id: the ID of the schedule which started the scheduler