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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel


class connector_types.connector_type_msteams.ConnectorTypeMSTEAMS

Create connector cards in MS teams

Input Schema

  • url

    The URL to your MS teams webhook.

    Type: string

  • text

    The text property is meant to be displayed in a normal font below the card's title.

    Use it to display content, such as the description of the entity being referenced, or an abstract of a news article.

    Type: string

  • title

    The title property is meant to be rendered in a prominent way, at the very top of the card.

    Use it to introduce the content of the card in such a way users will immediately know what to expect.

    Type: anyOf

  • summary

    The summary property is typically displayed in the list view in Outlook, as a way to quickly determine what the card is all about.

    Type: anyOf

  • color

    Specifies a custom brand color for the card. The color will be displayed in a non-obtrusive manner.

    Type: anyOf

  • link_buttons

    Actions buttons to add to the card.

    Type: array

Output Schema


ssl_context_inputs = ['check_hostname', 'client_cert', 'client_key', 'server_ca']


import flow_api

def handler(system: flow_api.System, this: flow_api.Execution, inputs: dict):
url='<Microsoft Webhook URL>',
'label': 'button1-label',
'url': 'URL to call',
'label': 'button2-label',
'url': 'https://<workspace><name>/call',
return this.success('all done')