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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel


class connector_types.connector_type_webdav.ConnectorTypeWEBDAV

Access a WebDAV service.

Input Schema

  • url

    The URl where the WebDAV server is reachable. Scheme must be either http or https. May contain a path which is to be considered the root of the server.

    Type: string

  • auth

    The authentication method to use. One of token, basic, digest or None (unauthenticated)

    Type: string

    Default: token

  • login

    The name of the user. Mutually exclusive with token. If set password must also be set.

    Type: anyOf

  • password

    The password of the user.

    Type: anyOf

  • token

    The authentication token. Mutually exclusive with login.

    Type: anyOf

  • timeout

    Timeout operations after this many seconds.

    Type: integer

    Default: 30

  • proxy_url

    Route the traffic through this proxy server.

    Type: anyOf

  • proxy_user

    Use this username to log into the proxy server.

    Type: anyOf

  • proxy_password

    The password of the user trying to log into the proxy server.

    Type: anyOf

  • verify_ssl

    Verify TLS certificates. Only takes effect when requesting over https.

    Type: boolean

    Default: True

  • cacert

    Provide the certificate to be able to connect to servers with self-signed certificates. Alternatively TLS verification can be disabled with verify_ssl=False.

    Type: anyOf

  • method

    The webdav method to call. One of

    • content_language
  • content_length

  • content_type

  • copy

  • created

  • download_base64

  • download_cloudomation

  • download_text

  • etag

  • exists

  • get_property

  • info

  • isdir

  • isfile

  • ls

  • mkdir

  • modified

  • move

  • options

  • remove

  • upload_bas64

  • upload_cloudomation

  • upload_text.

    Type: string

    • path

      A path on the WebDAV server. Used with the methods content_language, content_length, content_type, copy, created, download_base64, download_cloudomation, download_text, etag, exists, get_property, info, isdir, isfile, ls, mkdir, modified, move, options, remove, upload_bas64, upload_cloudomation, and upload_text.

      Type: string

    • cloudomation_path

      A path of a Cloudomation file. Used with the methods download_cloudomation and upload_cloudomation.

      Type: string

    • to_path

      A destination path on the WebDAV server. Used with the methods copy and move.

      Type: string

    • overwrite

      If set, existing resources on the WebDAV server are overwritten.

      Type: boolean

    • detail

      If set, additional information is returned from method ls.

      Type: boolean

      Default: True

    • property_name

      A property name. Used with the get_property method.

      Type: string

    • property_namespace

      A property namespace. Used with the get_property method.

      Type: string

    • base64

      A base64 string. Used with method upload_base64.

      Type: string

    • text

      A string. Used with method upload_text.

      Type: string

Output Schema

  • result



ssl_context_inputs = ['check_hostname', 'client_cert', 'client_key', 'server_ca']


Fetch a text file from a WebDAV server

import flow_api

def handler(system: flow_api.System, this: flow_api.Execution, inputs: dict):
file_content = this.connect(
'path': 'file.txt',
return this.success('all done')