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Version: 8 - Apfelstrudel


class connector_types.connector_type_mysql.ConnectorTypeMYSQL

Interact with a MySQL database. This connector type supports the execute, fetch, fetchrow, and fetchval commands. Each command expects an SQL query and returns the status, list, record or field value respectively.

Consult the MySQL SQL language documentation at for more information.

Input Schema

  • host

    Type: string

  • port

    Type: anyOf

  • user

    Type: string

    Default: root

  • password

    Type: string

  • database

    Type: string

  • server_ca

    Type: anyOf

  • check_hostname

    If set, the hostname of the MySQL server is checked against the server_ca certificate.

    Type: boolean

    Default: True

  • execute

    Type: anyOf

  • executemany

    Type: anyOf

  • fetch

    Type: anyOf

  • fetchrow

    Type: anyOf

  • fetchval

    Type: anyOf

  • transaction

    Type: anyOf

  • params

    Type: array

Output Schema

  • result



ssl_context_inputs = ['check_hostname', 'client_cert', 'client_key', 'server_ca']